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15 Powerful Steps for Surviving Infidelity in Your Relationship

In most cases, denial of infidelity is the first reaction of the cheating partner, whether the husband is the wife, and denial of infidelity may be for fear of the consequences and a desire to correct the situation without conviction and punishment or an attempt to defraud the partner and accuse him of delusion and excessive suspicion, bearing in mind that denial of betrayal may It is real self-defense, as there is no betrayal in the first place!

In all cases, denial is not enough to kill doubt in the husband’s heart. How to deal with a cheating wife?

My wife denies infidelity what do I do?

Review yourself first:

Dealing with a wife's denial of infidelity

it’s important to do some self-reflection before confronting your wife about her infidelity. Here are a few things to consider:

Are you feeling angry, hurt, or betrayed? If so, it’s important to process these emotions before having a conversation with your wife. Take some time to calm down and think about what you want to say.

What is your goal in having this conversation? Are you looking for answers, seeking reconciliation, or considering ending the relationship? It’s important to be clear about your intentions and communicate them to your wife.

By taking some time to reflect on these questions, you can approach the conversation with your wife in a more constructive and productive way. It’s important to keep in mind that the goal of the conversation is to move forward, not to assign blame or cause further pain.

Gather some evidence:

Evidence of betrayal cannot be beliefs doubts or words you were told. You should think about collecting real and tangible evidence of betrayal, such as photographing conversations, knowing who exactly the lover is, or even observing the wife without feeling, although some of the behaviors of Spying and surveillance are neither wise nor correct, if you confront your wife with infidelity and she denies, you should look for evidence, be objective if you do not find evidence and accept that your suspicions may be delusions.

Be calm and decisive:

It is difficult to remain calm in confronting the cheating wife and responding to her denial of her infidelity, but calm is an effective way to force the cheating wife to admit betrayal, nervousness, screaming, and violence are all means that may benefit the betraying wife and turn her into a victim.

Ask for a logical explanation of infidelity:

When the wife denies her infidelity, you have to identify the source of your suspicions and ask her for a logical explanation of the situations or actions that aroused your suspicion, stick to the request for an explanation, and do not give in easily to attempts to provoke or evade.

Do not expose your wife:

The wife’s denial of infidelity should not lead you to reckless actions such as trying to expose her in front of strangers, or even in front of parents and children, you must take into account that your wife’s reputation is yours and yours. your children and that denying the infidelity could be a truly innocent defense.

Ask for help from trusted people:

When you are sure of the wife’s infidelity and she is determined to deny it, it will be wise to seek help from the wise wise people from your family and her family, and most likely to seek assistance from one of her family because they will fear for their reputation and will not expose the matter, and make sure that you carry with you evidence that denies you the accusation of delusion and pathological suspicion.

Avoid involving children in conflict:

no matter the circumstances and whether the wife admits or denies infidelity; You have to neutralize the children from this conflict and this crisis, do not try to use the children as a pressure card to force the wife to admit infidelity, and it is better for the children not to know the issue from its origin.

When you reach a dead end with an unfaithful wife who denies infidelity, you should get professional family counseling and legal advice, these counseling will help you make an appropriate decision.

Make a decision:

let us first agree that the wife’s infidelity does not necessarily mean the end of the marriage. There are many factors that may make you think about continuing the marriage after the betrayal, including her continued denial of betrayal and your uncertainty, or your feeling of remorse and repentance, even if you are afraid of confession, even from the point of view of Sharia.

The jurists cover up the wife if she repents and the punishment for adultery is not established against her, according to the testimony of four witnesses. Therefore, you must study your options well and decide whether to continue with the wife without her admitting infidelity.