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the material qualities of the wife

the material qualities of the wife

Marital life in general is based on the principle of sharing, starting from sharing diaries to all personal matters, including money. Often the spouses share in buying home needs, paying school fees, transportation fees, and other needs that must be paid. Here are the characteristics that make a woman’s wife material


 the salaries of the spouses are shared to cover these needs, but how Is it done if the wife is financial?

Can the husband live with a financially demanding wife for many needs that the husband may not be able to cover all of, and how are disputes resolved if the wife is financially?

Who is the material wife?

  • The materialistic wife is generally the very demanding wife who does not appreciate her husband’s financial conditions or his ability to meet her requirements, and who creates disagreements and problems with her husband when these requirements are not met and does not give importance to the rest of the marital life aspects. In return, this wife shows love and affection to her husband when he can meet Only her needs, here the wife is material and lives with her husband in exchange for meeting her requirements and desires.
  • But on the other hand, this wife may not be bad or an invalid mother. This wife may have positive qualities, but she is predominantly materialistic, and she cannot give anything positive in the marital relationship without giving to him in return for money.

Physical characteristics of the wife.

There are several characteristics by which it can be known that the wife has a material nature, and we will explain here some of these characteristics:

Jealousy of others:

Jealousy is one of the most important characteristics that make the wife look materialistic, as the husband’s work may be modest and does not secure a large income. At the same time, the condition of some close friends is financially better.

This point causes a feeling of jealousy in the wife because she wants to be like them able to Buy the best clothes and go out to luxury places regardless of her husband’s ability to secure these requirements.

Very demanding: Some materialistic wives are constantly demanding and extravagant without the slightest consideration of the husband’s financial condition. They want gifts, and picnics, and enjoy money at all times. In the event of default by the husband, differences arise greatly between the spouses.

The material wife is indifferent: here the wife does not appreciate the financial condition of her husband, she wants him to meet all her requests and needs regardless of his ability to do so.

Selfish woman: The materialistic wife prefers that the husband fulfill her requests at the expense of anything, the husband can support his family or one of those close, and here a dispute arises with his wife, as she sees herself as worthy of her husband’s money without selfishly without regard for anything else.

Greed: One of the characteristics that make the marital relationship permanent is greed when the wife is material. The most expensive and most valuable.

Signs of a physical wife

Signs and recipes of women who love money!

Several signs can indicate that the wife is materialistic. By knowing these signs, the husband makes sure that his wife is materialistic and unable to hide it. Among these signs, we mention:

The increasing demands of the wife:

One of the most important signs that show that the wife is materialistic is the endless demands. Once the first request is met, there is another thing that the husband must fulfill.

The imbalance between the needs of the house and her personal needs:

When the wife is financial, she prefers to have her needs met, rather than buying anything new for the house in general.

Increasing differences in financial hardship:

It is important for the wife to support her husband if he enters into financial hardship. Still, the financial wife may not control herself, as once money is lacking from the house, endless disputes appear.

Want to know how much money the husband earns:

The materialistic wife is very curious to know all the money the man has. makes and disagreements may arise if some of this money is spent for purposes that the wife does not want.

Showing love and affection when the husband is generous:

the wife’s behavior changes with the change in the financial condition. One of the most important signs is that she is materialistic. For example, if the husband is well off, the wife shows a lot of love and affection, and these feelings disappear suddenly if the man experiences a financial crisis.

The material wife loves financial control:

Often the material wife likes to keep the money in her hand alone and be the one who disposes of the money inside and outside the house.