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How do I get rid of feelings of envy and jealousy of others?

Jealousy of others and envy are negative feelings that may affect the life of the individual and make him enter into a state of depression and hatred, which can destroy his social life and psyche, so given the seriousness of feelings of jealousy and envy in our lives, we will highlight in this article the causes of jealousy from others and the signs of jealousy Envy and how to get rid of these feelings.

Reasons for jealousy of others and envy

There are many factors that affect the personality of the individual and make him jealous of others, even if they are the closest people to him, such as his brothers or his wife, for example.

Feeling threatened: In many cases, jealousy may occur as a result of a person feeling threatened by another person, for example, when family members are interested in the new baby, the older child will be jealous of him, thinking that he may take his place and that his parents will give love and attention to this newborn instead of him and these feelings withdraw Also on adults in similar situations.

Insecurity: Feeling insecure and afraid of losing what we have caused us to feel jealous of everyone who tries to approach a person dear to us or things we own and we fear for them makes us feel threatened.

Inferiority complex: Going through bad experiences in childhood can affect the personality of the individual and cause him to have an inferiority complex that makes him feel inferior to others, making him jealous of successful people and trying to reduce their achievements.

Constant Comparison: Comparisons that a person makes between themselves and others, or the comparisons that parents make between their children, can cause intense jealousy.

Lack of self-confidence: Lack of self-confidence causes jealousy of people who you think have more skills and talents than you and that they are better than you, which leads to low self-esteem and a feeling of jealousy of them.

Signs of envy and jealousy

There are many signs that appear when feeling jealous of someone or their envy, as a person tries to hide them and control them so that they do not appear and draw people’s attention to him. Among the signs that can appear when feeling jealous or envious are:

Desire to possess what others have: A person often envies others when they possess things he does not possess. One of the signs of envy is the desire to possess what others have and enjoy the privileges that he possesses.

The desire for others to lose what they have: An envious person may not stop at wanting to possess what others have, but may even wish for the demise of the blessing from this person.

Making comparisons: One of the signs of jealousy and envy is to make comparisons between a person’s life and the life of others, and what others have and what he does not own.

Underestimating the achievements of others: The jealous or envious person tries to belittle the achievements of others, especially in front of people, and tries to show that they do not deserve these successes and that their arrival was either the result of luck or chance so that he feels that he is better than them and that they are just failures.

Preoccupation with competition: The jealous or envious person is preoccupied with competition more than his preoccupation with reaching the goal, which makes him forget his true goal and fail to achieve it as a result of this preoccupation.

Feeling happy when others fail: A jealous or envious person often feels happy when he sees others fail before him, and he may feel gloating, which makes him feel better.

How do I get rid of jealousy?

Jealousy is a feeling and a natural instinct that occurs when we feel that we are threatened with the loss of a person or something dear and important to us, but we must try to control this jealousy if it exceeds reasonable limits and causes psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and permanent fear, and here we will mention how to get rid of jealousy:

Use jealousy as a motivator and a source of inspiration: When you feel jealous of someone in a field, try to turn this jealousy into a source of inspiration and motivation to work hard and reach your own success.

Celebrating the success of others: Learning to celebrate the success of others honestly can be difficult at first. However, being happy with others’ accomplishments will produce better results than feeling resentment and bitterness caused by jealousy, so stop viewing life as a competition.

Think of your strengths: points estimating the successes of others does not mean reducing your abilities so try to think about your strengths and appreciate yourself and be proud of these points it is to make you satisfied for yourself and your own life, which reduces the feeling of jealousy or insecurity.

Practicing Meditation: Meditation helps clear the mind and get rid of negative feelings and the resulting tension and anxiety, and it is very useful in reducing psychological problems caused by jealousy. It is recommended to practice meditation early in the morning and in a quiet place.

Busy yourself with improving your life: Always remember that the success of others does not affect your life and your success, so focus on improving your life and yourself and not on imitating others.